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SJCC is in some marvelous form this year, with the whole team coming together and backing each other up.  This terrific run has not been due to one person or some individual effort, but as a true team effort.  If the top order has failed on an occasion, the long middle order made up for it, if the bowling fails, then the fielding has made up for that.  With 10 front-line batsmen in the team, 5 front-line bowlers backed by 3 part-time bowlers, and a strong and good fielding side to back both the batting and bowling, SJCC can only get better.

Year 2001 Up Till Now:

    With the hiccups of last season behind us, San Jose Cricket Club set out to make a point this year, that they are the best team in the league.  The year started out with a bang, as the team came from way behind in the first two of its league matches to win them both.  The first match being against Milpitas Cricket Club, our sister club.  In that game SJCC only had 90 runs at the end of the 30th over and at the end of the 40th over SJCC had amassed 201.  From then on, the game was in our hand.  Then again in the second league match against San Mateo, SJCC once again came from the brink of death to win the match.  At 97/6 and 103/7, San Jose put up 188/10, to win the match by 33 runs.  That has been the story of the year, the team coming back every time it has been knocked down.  With that being the story, SJCC is 9-0 right now.  The only undefeated team in the league.

Year 2000 in brief:

    SJCC had an indifferent 2000 season, with the team starting our as 5-0 and then loosing track a bit with the team splitting into two teams, the other being Campbell Cricket Club.  The team finished the year with the record of 7-4.  Which is still a winning record, but we all knew we are a much better team then that.  Furthermore, with the continuous influx of new players, our team is bound to get better.