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Playoffs (Dan Sahadeo Knock-Out Cup, 1998)

Final:  vs East Bay Cricket Club at SCCC Ground on Nov 1, 1998

Result:  SJCC won by 84 runs   [Scorecard]  [Match Report]

Semifinal:  vs Valley Cricket Club at SJCC Ground on Oct. 18, 1998

Result:  SJCC won by 20 runs [Scorecard]  [Match Report]

Quarterfinal:  vs Central Valley at CV Ground, Fresno on Oct. 11, 1998

Result:  SJCC won by 26 runs [Scorecard]  [Match Report]

Pre-Quarterfinal:  vs Shahin B at SJCC Ground on Oct. 4, 1998

Result:  SJCC won as Shahin forfeited the match

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