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July 4th Cricket Festival, 1999
organized by Bay Area Cricket Alliance, California

Participating Teams:

San Jose Cricket Club

South Bay Cricket Club

San Mateo Cricket Club



July 3, 1999 - South Bay vs. San Mateo (South Bay won by 5 wickets)

July 4, 1999 - San Jose vs. San Mateo (San Jose won by 6 wickets)

July 5, 1999 - San Jose vs. South Valley (San Jose won by 65 runs)

Time of start: All matches will start sharp at 10 am

Venue:  San Mateo Cricket Club Ground

Directions to the ground:


The complete responsibility of getting the ground set for the match, umpiring, drinks, lunch, etc. lies with the team which does not have a match on that specific day. So the responsible teams on different days will be as follows:

July 3, 1999 - San Jose

July 4, 1999 - South Bay

July 5, 1999 - San Mateo

The cooperation of all participating teams is very much appreciated.


General -

All the matches will be played as per standing MCC regulations(MCC Laws of Cricket).

Specific -

  1. Each match will consist of 35 overs per innings
  2. The winning team is awarded with 2 points and the losing team gets 0 point
  3. In case of a tie both teams are awarded with 1 point each
  4. After all the 3 matches, the team with highest number of points will be declared as the cup winner
  5. In case of a tie as per the points basis, the team with better NRR will be declared the cup winner
  6. If two teams are tied after the points and NRR, then the winner of the league game between them
    will be the tournament winner
  7. If all three teams are tied after points and NRR, then winner will be decided by drawing lots

Net Run Rate formula:

A team's net run rate is calculated by deducting from the average runs per over scored by that team, the average runs per over scored against that team. Only those matches where results were achieved and where recalculating the target score was not utilised will count for the purpose of net run rate calculations.

In the event of a team being all out in less than its full quota of overs, the calculation of its net run rate shall be based on the full quota of overs to which it would have been entitled and not on the number of overs in which the team was dismissed.